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AME provides environmental services to major oil companies, manufacturers, insurance companies, financial institutions, and state government agencies, having a sound record of accomplishment bringing technical superiority, financial responsibility, and satisfaction to clients.
AME Advantages

AME offers significant advantages to our clients. Our services provide technically superior decisions, safe working environments, and clear, concise communications, which are all critical elements in the successful cost-effective management of environmental projects.

We define our competitive advantage in four components: 1) Environmental Logistics, 2) Technical Expertise, 3) System Design and Optimization, and 4) Negotiation and Litigation Support. As part of a cohesive project management program, these components provide our clients the ability to understand the critical technical, regulatory, and political elements of a project, to conduct field investigations in a timely and safe manner, to maximize the return on characterization and remedial efforts, and ultimately, to enable its project managers to achieve the project goals. The following outlines in more detail our competitive advantage.

Environmental Logistics

Environmental Logistics is the application of standardized processes in conjunction with technology to facilitate the execution of and improve the technical quality and safety of site characterization and remediation programs. The objective of Environmental Logistics is obtaining quasi-real time, reliable site information and transforming this information rapidly into a useable form to provide for safe and economic management of environmental sites.

AME has developed a program of enhanced communication between staff in the field and personnel in the office to expedite information transfer. This provides for continuous communication of field activities and daily transmission of site measurements, which enables real-time decision-making to guide such activities as well installation, sample collection, and operation of remedial systems. AME maintains a centralized data management system using Microsoft Access and EQuIS. Our staff have developed automated data queries to rapidly graph, chart, and visualize site information, as well as processes for quality assurance and control of field and laboratory data. These processes establish defined responsibilities and ensure reliability.

The investment in data collection can only be returned when it is understood and effectively communicated. As such, we utilize ArcGIS as the standard platform for the display of site data. In addition, we have incorporated state-of-the-art visual imagery service into our Environmental Logistics program, making 3-D and 4-D images (and analysis) an integral component of our environmental site characterization, remediation, and litigation support programs. This capability allows our professionals to clearly and concisely describe and understand complex subsurface problems and to effectively communicate with clients and the regulatory. Our staff has presented numerous technical papers on the application of visual imagery for environmental programs and the management of environmental sites.

Technical Expertise

AME recognizes that technical expertise is essential to solving difficult environmental problems. Our experience shows that the best technical evaluations produce cost effective solutions. Specifically, we maintain expertise in areas that historically have produced "uncontrolled costs" in the environmental industry. These include NAPL characterization and remediation, soil cleanup, groundwater transport and treatment (petroleum hydrocarbons, MTBE, chlorinated solvents, and metals), monitoring program optimization, and environemtal sampling. Our breadth of expertise enhances our ability to arrive at creative solutions for our clients.

We have broad experience solving many types of problems for diverse clients. This range of expertise enhances our abilities to tackle unusual problems and apply creative solutions to achieve project goals. In addition to retail gasoline stations, distribution terminals, and refineries, our experience includes marinas, truck fueling facilities, exploration drilling sites, quarries, chemical plants, paper manufacturing facilities, lumber and plywood mills, ordnance facilities, and municipal and hazardous waste landfills. Recently, we have expanded our footprint into the oil and gas production field by leading a crucial investigation in the potential groundwater impact related to hydraulic fracturing under national spotlight. Implementation of these projects has provided us with knowledge of a wide variety of methods and technologies, including geophysical well logging, surface geophysical surveys, large-scale soil vapor surveys, and numerous means of invasive subsurface characterization and sampling.

System Design and Optimization

AME's engineers have considerable knowledge of remedial system design and optimization. We have successfully applied our experience at numerous sites in addition to other facility locations. Our staff specializes in the design of air sparging and soil vapor extraction systems, ozone injection systems, air stripping systems for both remedial and drinking water applications, activated carbon for both groundwater and vapor treatment in remediation and drinking water treatment applications, resin treatment systems, reinjection systems, and in-situ chemical oxidation. Our office and field staff have extensive experience preparing detailed equipment specifications and installing, operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting remediation equipment. We have operated and maintained a variety of equipment, including: thermal oxidizers, catalytic oxidizers, water pumps, product pumps (including viscous residual oils), blowers, vacuum pumps, ozone injection equipment, vapor phase carbon, liquid phase carbon, and air stripping columns. We have achieved significant run times, providing our client the benefits for which the systems were designed. On numerous occasions we have acquired sites with poorly performing remedial systems, identified shortcomings, upgraded the systems, and improved the overall performance.

Our remediation system design and operation experience spans a range of project sizes. At the site of two former terminals in California, we performed pilot testing, prepared the interim RAP, and completed the design and installation of a soil vapor and groundwater remediation system. The site covers 23-acres and is presently an active intermodal cargo container shipping terminal. The remedial construction included installation of 101 vapor extraction and 285 air sparging wells, with approximately 40,000 feet of underground piping installed within approximately 19,000 feet of trenching to connect the remedial wells to aboveground vapor extraction and air sparging equipment. The aboveground equipment, installed in two enclosures at different locations, includes three 500-scfm thermal/catalytic oxidizers and 17 air sparging blowers. To date, over 519,000 pounds of combined methane and gasoline hydrocarbons have been removed.

Negotiation and Litigation Support

AME's professionals have extensive experience in regulatory and third-party negotiations and have provided expert witness litigation support to various clients in state and federal court. Technical issues have included impacts to soil and groundwater resulting from the presence of organic and inorganic constituents and impacts to groundwater basin due to pumping and storage. Our staff have supported clients at hearings and negotiations before regulatory agencies throughout the United States, including: the U.S. EPA, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the environmental regulatory agencies of California, Texas, Maryland, Montana, Pennsylvania, Washington, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Wyoming. Furthermore, we have been involved in various third-party negotiations and multi-party settlements.

In our negotiations and litigation support, we have successfully employed visual imagery to communicate highly technical information to non-technical managers and lawyers. Advanced visual imagery technology is a differentiating service to our clients that can only be measured by our high rate of success.