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AME provides environmental services to major oil companies, manufacturers, insurance companies, financial institutions, and state government agencies, having a sound record of accomplishment bringing technical superiority, financial responsibility, and satisfaction to clients.
Safety Programs

Key Safety Personnel

The company's co-owner and Vice President, Michael Acton, is AME's Corporate Health and Safety Officer.

Injury and Illness Prevention

AME maintains and implements an Injury and Illness Prevention Program. The program is presented to all employees on entry into the company as a part of the company employee manual, which each new employee must read. The program includes a workplace safety and health inspection program, preventive maintenance programs, employee health and safety training (OSHA HAZWOPER, first aid/CPR, and numerous specialized training programs), and a medical monitoring program.

Loss Prevention System™

AME is a licensee of LPS™, Inc. and employs Dr. James Bennett's Loss Prevention System™ across all clients and all projects. This is a behavior-based system now in widespread use across all major industries around the world. All company employees are LPS™-trained including current annual updates. The seven LPS™ tools are employed at all project sites. The LPS™ program is stewarded by the project and senior project management team in all offices of the company.

On February 23, 2007 Dr. Jim Bennett, founder of Loss Prevention Systems, Inc., the world's leading behavior-based safety system, conducted an all-day Stewardship workshop with the AME staff. In this workshop, Dr. Bennett reviewed the tenets of LPS stewardship and how implementation of LPS as a behavior-based safety system reduces workplace accidents. Dr. Bennett also discussed AME's use of the LPS tools, reviewing several of AME's completed Loss Prevention Observations and Near-Loss Incident reports. Dr. Bennett stated the AME's implementation and use of the LPS tools was "incredibly good" and that he considered AME among the top ten percent of companies world-wide in the implementation of the system. [Release]

LPS™ Data Tracking

In May 2006, AME began development of an automated data entry and LPS™ document tracking system to improve LPS™ information security and maximize the efficiency of LPS™ compliance across all projects. AME staff has developed a client-specific Loss Prevention Information System™ (LPIS™) using the original LPIS™ platform developed by Dr. Bennett's company in 2000.

The newly-developed system now features a relational interface with Microsoft Outlook for automated e-mail notification to field personnel, supervisors, and project managers. The system also provides automated text-messaging to field personnel regarding LPS™ submittal deadlines and feedback session scheduling. Field personnel have real-time access to the database via laptops with celluar modems, and can access all project LPS™ documents including LI/NLI reports, JSA's and LPO's resident in the system. Project managers and supervisors can instantly review field LPS™ reports as they are created and can interact in real time with field personnel at the job site. All data are also backed up automatically adding greater security to the LPS™ management system.